Keeping your forked git repo in sync with its original

Git is awesome. I’ve been using reverie as a parent theme and my theme used here is a child theme.

Reverie is awesome. But since the theme is not installed through WordPress’s eco system, it doesn’t automatically get updated like some other themes. I noticed that the theme had update. I haev forked the theme to my repo, and wanted sync the changes.

Thank you stackoverflow. It suggested “adding a remote.” and found a great blog post about it: How to GitHub: Fork, Branch, Track, Squash and Pull Request on

So here is what I did

$ git remote add --track master upstream git://

to add remote, then

$ git fetch upstream
remote: Counting objects: 16, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (12/12), done.
remote: Total 13 (delta 5), reused 8 (delta 1)
Unpacking objects: 100% (13/13), done.
From git://
* [new branch] master -> upstream/master

Created a new branch upstream/master

$ git merge upstream/master
Updating 650455f..d442acb


[UPDATE April 10, 2014]

I had to use this again and learned couple of new (for me) tricks. if you do

git remote -v

It will show you origin and upstream (if set).

Now, I can take this one more step and I can automatically deploy to my server when I commit to the git repo. A great blog post by How to deploy WordPress themes with Git.

I need to do this!

You gotta love Seiji Ozawa in Big Papi jersey (tweets: Oct 20-26)

I Love it.


That’s Seiji Ozawa in Big Papi jersey conducting the brass section of BSO doing brass-off with St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

I still can’t believe that the Red Sox is in the World Series. Almost winning… Just. One. Game. Away.

Before the season, seeing and doing podcast for the 93-loss season, I predicted that they will finish last place again, or 4th place at best. I am wrong, and happy about it.

I been tweeting nonsense since May 19, 2007 (such long time ago, can you believe that?). I put weekly digests of my tweets on this blog, so that I can search for it quicker using my blog’s search function. I tweet awfully a lot about baseball (I am a Red Sox fan, if you didn’t notice), but if you are interested, please follow me at @DaigoFuji. Here are my tweets between Oct 20 and Oct 26: Continue reading…

17 example of long-form online story/interactives with parallax effects and HTML5 video (Snow Fall-like)

There are just so many conferences that I wish I was going, but it is impossible to go to all of them. SABR National, SABR Analytics, AAJA, EyeO (I was lucky to go this year), SXSW (I’m going next year!) Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Open Vis, NICAR, IEEE VIS Week, HTMLDevConf, Artifact, W3conf, Ampersand, FrontEndConf to name just a few…. and ONA is one of them.

I was unable to go to Atlanta this past week, but I follow tons of people who were there on twitter and especially one of the session really piqued my interest. Session was called “Snow Fall for all” by Adam Schweigert (of INN) and Jessica Plautz, and there is a hackpad that was contributed by attendees. There are bunch of very interesting blog posts like Lisa Williams’s write up (is excellent), Tweets wrap-up and such, but I thought it would be helpful to list all the “snowfall”-like interactives here for future reference.

There is a pattern, such as bigger photo, parallax effect, larger font size with more white space, subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) css/js animation and html5 videos (as well as technique called cinemagraph) and stuff, and each tricks are not that difficult. But the successful one is just really good old-fashioned “story telling” combines many tricks, appropriately.

Long form story telling examples

UPDATE: More links and more links

…and more links. (Send me a link of new and old or comment below and I will keep adding them to this list.)

Tool shed

As I see more cool tools, I will add it here:



I have not used them at all, so not an endorsement.

[UPDATE 1/24/2014] Came across this: Huge list of crowd-sourced list of “snowfall” like stories.

Animated Gifs and really neat online data to svg conversion tool. (Articles that I liked: Fri., Oct. 25)

A coleague told me about a really neat tool that convert data into svg using d3, called RAW by Density Design. It is awesome. You copy and paste excel or tab or comma deliminated data into a text field on the website and you get a beautiful d3 graphics. Format supported are Treemap, Bubble Chart, Aluvial Diagram, Circle Packing, Circular Dendrogram, Dendrogram, and Binned Scatterplot. It can export SVG, PNG (BETA at the moment) and JSON data. Quite amazing.

Also I came across couple of animated gif related site like Zeega where you can combine audio and animated gifs like this, and GIPHY search engine where you can search and find a gif that you once saw and laughed so hard, but never was able to find it again… until now:

One more notable find this week: Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Science had a vert intersting post about “Chart Junk” called What makes a data visualization memorable?. In the similar way, my colleague Scott Berinato (who was the one who told me about RAW above) articulate for me what I’ve always had in back of mind in his article “Visualizing Trouble“. Both very good reads. Continue reading…

Red Sox in the World Series (my tweets: Oct 13- 19)


Photo: Barry Chin/The Boston Globe


My prediction before the season was that they will finish last in the division. I expected better than 93 losses, but I thought this will be a “bridge” year.

That’s how much I know about baseball. I guess I could say this is why the baseball is so funny/interesting. Anyway, the game starts tonight. And my tweet last week was basically all #RedSox all the time. Koji Uehara ALCS MVP.

I been tweeting nonsense since May 19, 2007 (such long time ago, can you believe that?). I put weekly digests of my tweets on this blog, so that I can search for it quicker using my blog’s search function. I tweet awfully a lot about baseball (I am a Red Sox fan, if you didn’t notice), but if you are interested, please follow me at @DaigoFuji. Here are my tweets between Oct 13 and Oct 19: Continue reading…

Memo: How to manage symlinks on mac

I’m developing WordPress themes using multiple repos (git and svn) and found that using symlinks to be the simplest way to manage it.

Here is my memo how I did what and how to check/re-do symlinks.

To create symlinks from from wp-config/themes

$ ln -s ../../../path/to/my/repo/mytheme mytheme

To check what is linked

$ ls -l
total 1
lrwxr-xr-x 1 daigo localhost Users 44 Oct 15 16:07 mytheme -> ../../../path/to/my/repo/mytheme

To remove the link
Didn’t know this, but looks like you can use both rm and unlink

Best game that I have seen in person in Fenway

This happened last Sunday. Game 2 of ALCS. I was one of 38,029 that was there at the park, and have a photo to prove it:


Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

where I am up there on the left hand side of that photo. Sitting Bleacher Section 41, Row 05, Seat 10. Last playoff I’ve been to was ten years ago, ALDS Game 3 in 2003, when Eric Byrnes was tagged out by Jason Varitek after failing to touch home plate. Also was there when the Red Sox hitters hit 4 home runs back-to-back-to-back-to-back against Yankees. That was 2007, Manny Ramirez, J.D. Drew, Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek homered in consecutive at-bats against Yankee left-hander Chase Wright, a first in Red Sox history. That was wild, high fiving with strangers. But this TOPS that. Red Sox were down by 4, 2 outs in the 8th. Bases are loaded and David Ortiz. It was the best game. And I have a photo to prove it. Awesome. I heard that this photo is also in Sports Illustrated.

Here is my storify of my tweets.

Super Mario and Masahiro Tanaka, articles that I liked: Fri, Oct. 18, 2013

You can play the original Super Mario on-line. Done completely HTML and Javascript. Awesome.


Also, this happened in September and completely missed it, but thought it was funny, Ichiro hits the ball right back to the pitcher, and the ball gets into the pitcher’s jersey. It was scored a single. I didn’t hear about it till now, but found a gif on zeega.

Masahiro Tanaka is the next big thing from Japan. Rumored to be posted after the season.

I went to an awesome game this last Sunday. Details for that to follow.

I’ve been posting links that I liked at Posterous (RIP) and then my tumblr blog. Here are the week worth of links:

Continue reading…

Facial hair (tweets/links of the week)


As you may or may not know, The Red Sox this year is growing their facial hair. I’ve also seen the t-shirts.

As Wesley Morris puts it:

I’m talking about the beards, of course. Beards so outrageous and outlandish and inimitable that people aren’t even trying to grow them. They’re just sticking them on. The Red Sox merchandise shops are selling fake beards that you can wear during games. They’re more dye-job Gandalf than Jonny Gomes, but they get the point across: You’re one of them.

Here is a video.

I have never *ever* grown a facial hair in my life. And I am trying it for the first time, and probably the last time. It’s pretty pathetic. Not dense enough. But I will eventually post some kind of photo somewhere. It is kind of rare. There is even a website: Asians with Facial Hair. Their tag line is “relatively rare and undocumented.” There for I need to try it out and document it.

I been tweeting nonsense since May 19, 2007 (such long time ago, can you believe that?). I put weekly digests of my tweets on this blog, so that I can search for it quicker using my blog’s search function. I tweet awfully a lot about baseball (I am a Red Sox fan, if you didn’t notice), but if you are interested, please follow me at @DaigoFuji. Here are my tweets between Oct 6 and Oct 12: Continue reading…

How to sync parts of a branch with other branch in GitHub


Don’t panic. Above image borrowed from here.

This is awesome.

For my bbclub-font project, I am using master branch as a download only place, and gh-pages as a project homepage as well as the developmental main branch.

But within gh-pages, it contains all the core files, like font folder as well as the css.

I am developing on gh-pages branch mainly, and it is fine. But I need to make master branch up to date, but only some files (namely. one file in css, and font folder). I don’t need anything elese.

So what do I do?

Turns out, this guy has the same problemn, and his method totally saved my butt/time.

Here is what I did:

$ git status
# On branch gh-pages
nothing to commit (working directory clean)
$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
$ ls _site css font glyphs js
$ git status
# On branch master
nothing to commit (working directory clean)
$ git checkout gh-pages css/bbclub-font.css
$ git status
# On branch master
# Changes to be committed:
# (use "git reset HEAD ..." to unstage)
# modified: css/bbclub-font.css
$ git commit -m 'synching css file to gh-pages branch'
[master 30d2c17] synching css file to gh-pages branch
1 file changed, 43 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)
mode change 100755 => 100644 css/bbclub-font.css


This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you, git! Thank you,!