Digital Camera Problem

I couldn’t get my digital camera images to load… then I was sick all day yesterday… I gotta go. …Yeah, it’s 2:30 am again… but check this out. It is finally working… MySQL driven php dhtml. Pretty cool, even though I couldn’t get it to load on my Linux machine. Now I have to think about how to do updates. I think I’d like to do some kind of MySQL update. But not so sure how that’d work out.
Schedule needs to be in there again. it’s a pain but important to let people know when the next possible start for each pitchers.
So I got that smart media thing except it needs a driver i just downloaded it. Hope it works. Maybe tomorrow I’d be posting photos here!!

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I am having problem creating mysql table for some reason. I use phpMyAdmin and it work great for the most part, except for today, when I decide to make a big change on my web site, it didn’t work… sigh….
Boston Red Sox announced their VALUE PACK. I had to order it. I am soooo exited. This is the year, I am telling you. I am doing two fantasy baseball this season. Players are reporting to the camp in 5 days. I can’t wait.

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Agh! Parking!

I work downtown Boston, and I drove to work today. Parking is always a problem down there, especially today there was a Celtics game and I had to move my car at 6pm from the lot, It was pretty bad trying to look for a parking space after I had to move it.
Two of high school friends e-mailed me today. Life is funny just funny how things work out sometimes. Like my highschool friend has written a book. I never imagined she’d be an author. Strange world – what do they say? The truth is stranger than fiction?

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Ron Gill

I went to see jazz singer Ron Gill at the Regatta bar in Harvard Sq. Man, he was good. I really dig his stuff. you can see how much he loves those songs. very inspiring.
That’s art, that’s music. I need to practice, practice, practice.

Had dinner at Penang, a malaysian restaurant. New one in Harvard is as good as the one in china town I thought.

Played Basketball on my lunch break. I’ll see if my shoulder gets sore tomorrow. I can’t play basketball to save my life, as my friend Paul would say, “that’s why asians don’t play the sports.” What about Wang Zhi Zhi of Mavericks? he’s wicked tall though.

Got my digital camera today. YEAH. Psyched.
OK, That’s it for today.

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YubiToma, Pats and Digital Camera

I found a Japanese web site that is basicly a database of class graduate of your school (membership stuff). I just signed up and found bunch of friends from high school. I was overwhelmed by the memories from my high school years. That was ten years ago. So I shoot off bunch of mail to my good old friends. It’s fun to see if they’d get back to me.
We went to the Patriots Super bowl Parade at the Government Center today. It was nuts. Tons and tons of people. couldn’t believe it… Was freeeeezing.
I think I’m going to purchase a digital camera from a co-worker. I am very excited about that. It’s a super deal I can’t miss!!
Now that Super bowl is over, All I can think about is SPRING TRAINING. I really wish I was there but not this year. I am going to go next year though, I have already decided.
my shoulder still hurts a lot. I am sort of nervous about next softball season…Just gotta keep up with my exercises.
Good night.

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Note:this list was created as a bookmark/favorite while I was working as a assistant art director at Inc magazine in 2001. However, It is still somewhat useful so I keep it around. I am no longer maintaining/updating this list. For more updated illustrators/illustrators reps, see American Illustration or Andrew Skwish has the most up-to-date links. Also see my Newspaper websites


artist: Aaron Meshon
artist: Adam Vanderhoo
artist: Adrienne Yan
artist: Alan Dingman
artist: Alan Mazzwtti
artist: Alex Gross
artist: Allan M. Burch
artist: Amore Hirosuke
artist: Andreas Lindkvist
artist: Andrew Skwish
artist: Angela Martini
artist: Anita Kunz
artist: Anja Kroencke
artist: Annie Bissett
artist: Apak Studio
artist: B. Mossman
artist: Becky Heavner
artist: Bill Ledger
artist: Bill Mayer
artist: Bill Tsukuda
artist: Bob Staake
artist: Brian Cronin
artist: Brian Raszka
artist: Brian Rea
artist: Brian Stauffer
artist: Bud Peen
artist: Calef Brown
artist: Campbell Laird
artist: Carolyn Fisher
artist: Catherine Lazure
artist: Cathie Bleck
artist: Celia Johnson
artist: Chris Jagmin
artist: Christian Northeast
artist: Christoph Hitz
artist: Christoph Niemann
artist: Chuck Pyle
artist: Clay Meyer
artist: Clayton Brothers
artist: Coco Masuda
artist: Craig Frazier
artist: Cy De Groat
artist: cybèle pritchett
artist: Daisuke Tsutsumi
artist: Dan Yaccarino
artist: Daniel Adel
artist: David Ball
artist: David Bamundo
artist: David Choe
artist: David Cowles
artist: David Flaherty
artist: David Horvath
artist: David Milgrim
artist: Davy Liu
artist: Don Button
artist: Doug Ross
artist: Douglas B Jones
artist: Edison
artist: Edwin Fotheringham
artist: Ellen Weinstein
artist: Esther Pearl Watson
artist: Felix Sockwell
artist: Francisco Caceres
artist: Frank Frisari
artist: Fred Rix
artist: Gary Clement
artist: Gary Taxali
artist: Geoffrey Grahn
artist: George Bates
artist: Giacomo Marchesi
artist: Glen Hanson
artist: Glenn Mielke
artist: Gordon Studer
artist: Greg Mably
artist: Greg White
artist: Guy Billout
artist: Hal Mayforth
artist: Hank Osuna
artist: Henk Dawson
artist: Henrik Drescher
artist: Ingo Fast
artist: Istvan Banyai
artist: J. Fish
artist: J. Otto Seibold
artist: Jack Mortensbak
artist: James Kraus
artist: James Yang
artist: Jason Holley
artist: Jeffrey Fulvimari
artist: Jennifer Kalis
artist: Joe Ciardiello
artist: Joel Holland
artist: Johanna Goodman
artist: John Copeland
artist: John Dykes
artist: John Hersey
artist: John Hersey
artist: John Ueland(Jack Gallagher)
artist: Jon Conrad
artist: Jon Flaming
artist: Jon Keegan
artist: Jon Scieszka/Lane Smith
artist: Jonathan Carlson
artist: Jorge Colombo
artist: Josh Gosfield
artist: Juliette Borda
artist: Karen Greenberg
artist: Kari Alberg
artist: Katherine Streeter
artist: Kazusa Miyamoto
artist: KillerPai
artist: Kim LaFave
artist: Kyoko Ogura
artist: Laura Coyle
artist: Led Pants
artist: Leo Espinosa
artist: Lou Brooks
artist: Luba Lukova
artist: Lynn Bennett
artist: Magnitude NANA
artist: Marc Burckhardt
artist: Marc Rosenthal
artist: Marc Yankus
artist: Marcel Dzama
artist: Marcos Sorensen
artist: Mari Mitsui
artist: Mark Danielson
artist: Mark Ulriksen
artist: Mark Zingarelli
artist: Marshall Arisman
artist: Martha Rich
artist: Martin Kozlowski
artist: Marty Braun/Jamie Hogan
artist: Mary Lynn Blasutta
artist: Masaru Fujimoto
artist: Matt Madden
artist: Melinda Beck
artist: Michael Bartalos
artist: Michael Doret
artist: Michael Klein
artist: Michael Knapp
artist: Michael Sprong
artist: Michiko Stehrenberger
artist: Mick Aarestrup
artist: Mick Wiggins
artist: Milton Glaser
artist: Miriam de Rosier
artist: Mitch Oconnell
artist: Mori Chack
artist: Nicholas Wilton/Jennie Oppenheimer
artist: Nick Dewar
artist: occhio
artist: Olaf Hajek
artist: Paul Corio
artist: Peter Coates
artist: Peter Hoey
artist: Peter Stemmler
artist: Phil Mucci
artist: Phung Huynh
artist: Plankton (Suzan/Al Crawford)
artist: Poul Lange
artist: Randy Lyhus
artist: Red Hot Mama
artist: Rich Borge
artist: Richard A. Goldberg
artist: Richard Downs
artist: Richard May
artist: Richard McGuire
artist: Robert Burger
artist: Robert Crawford
artist: Robert Meganck
artist: Robert Neubecker
artist: Robert Pizzo
artist: Robert Rayevsky
artist: Robert Saunders
artist: Robert Weiss
artist: Robert Zimmerman
artist: Ron Chan
artist: Rose Cassano
artist: Ryuichiro Mori
artist: S.britt
artist: Sai Tamiya
artist: Scott Page
artist: Sean Kane
artist: Seymour Chwast
artist: Shawn Barber/Chris Ryniak
artist: Sonia Kretschmar
artist: Spur (David Plunkert/Joyce Hasselberth)
artist: Stephan Kroninger
artist: Stephen Webster
artist: Steven Schudlich
artist: Takako Matsueda
artist: Tatsuro Kiuchi
artist: Terry Allen
artist: Thomas Reis
artist: Tim Biskup
artist: Timothy Cook
artist: Tom B
artist: Tom Lochray
artist: Tom Nick Cocotos
artist: Tomer Hanuka
artist: Tomoko Ishikawa
artist: Torisu Koshiro
artist: Travis Millard
artist: Trevor Keen
artist: Val Mina (zucchinidog)
artist: Victor Stabin
artist: Victor Stabin
artist: Ward Schumaker
artist: Wesley Bedrosian
artist: Whitney Sherman
artist: Zach Trenholm

*Illustrators Reps

list: altpick*com
list: American Illustration
list: American Showcase
list: Black Book
list: Directory of Illustration
list: Folioplanet
list: Illustrationweb
list: RSVP
list: Storyopolis
list: Studio MD
list: The Art works
list: Theispot
list: workbook
list: workhorse
list: ZAKS Illustrators Source
rep: 3 in a box
rep: Anna Goodson
rep: ARENA
rep: Art-Prints
rep: Arts Counsel
rep: Bruck & Moss
rep: Carol Chislovsky
rep: Central Illustration Agency
rep: Cliff Knecht
rep: Corey Graham
rep: CWC International, Inc.
rep: David Goldman
rep: Eastwing Agency(uk)
rep: Frank Sturges
rep: Friend and Johnson
rep: i2iArt Inc.
rep: Interlink
rep: Irmeli Holmberg
rep: Jacqueline Dedell
rep: Jae Wagoner
rep: Jan Collier
rep: Jim Hanson
rep: Joanie Bernstein
rep: Kate Larkworthy
rep: Kolea Baker
rep: Leighton
rep: Lilla Rogers
rep: Lindgren & Smith
rep: Lisa Freeman
rep: Liz Sanders
rep: Lori Nowicki
rep: Magnet reps
rep: Marlena agency
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rep: Monster Illo
rep: Newborn Group
rep: Pat Hackett
rep: Philippe Arnaud (French)
rep: Renard Represents
rep: Repertoire
rep: Riley Illustration
rep: Rita Marie
rep: Scott Hull
rep: SharpShooter
rep: Stewart Artists
rep: Wanda Nowak
rep: Racer Media

Graphic Design

awards: Chrysler Design Awards
awards: National Magazine Award winners
awards: The Webby Awards
design: Mitsukoshi
designer: Hisui Sugiura
designer: David Carson
jobs: AIGA Job Listings
jobs: ArtHire
jobs: Creative Hotlist
links: Yahoo! dir of Graphic
organization: mediabistro
organization: American Center for Design
organization: American Institute of Graphic Arts
organization: American Society of Magazine Editors
organization: Communication Arts
organization: Graphic Artists Guild
organization: ICA Boston
organization: Icograda
organization: JAGDA
organization: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
organization: National Cartoonists Society
organization: Society for News Design
organization: Society of Illustrators
organization: Society of Korea Illusart
organization: The Art Directors Club
organization: The Society of Publication Designers
organization: The Society of Publication Designers
production: StickerGuy
school : Rhode Island School of Design
school: Art Center College of Design
school: Art Institute of Boston
school: Massachusetts College of Art
studio: 2h graphics
studio: bitmapLOGIC
studio: BLK/MRKT Web Design
studio: Eymer Design
studio: mindcandy
studio: razorfish
studio: Ronn Campisi Design
studio: SABURI.COM
studio: Segura Design
typography: dinc!
typography: Kobe Fonts
typography: Quixote Digital Typography, Inc.
typography: T26 Digital Type Foundry
typography: The Font Bureau, Inc.
typography: The FontSite
web: Cool Homepages
web: patrick lynch
web: Ultralights


e-zine: Atlas
e-zine: big g media
e-zine: Design Interact
e-zine: Digital Web Magazine
e-zine: Giant Robot
e-zine: i/us
e-zine: LunerEclipse
e-zine: Plastic
e-zine: Slashdot
e-zine: Suck
e-zine: StartupJournal
magazine: Boston Magazine
magazine: colors magazine
magazine: Conde Nast Traveler
magazine: DoubleTake Magazine
magazine: Entertainment Weekly
magazine: Esquire
magazine: Fast Company
magazine: FEED Magazine
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hack: Interrorem’s defacements archive


distributer: Caldera Systems
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distributer: Kondara MNU/Linux
distributer: Mandrake
distributer: REDHAT
distributer: SuSE Inc.
linux: Boston Japanese Linux Users Group – BJLUG
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linux: Linux Magazine
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opensource: GNU Project
opensource: Open Source Development Network


mac: Apple
mac: Apple Tech Info Library
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palm: AvantGo
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bass: All Things Strings
bass: Bass Magazine
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bass: Global Bass Magazine
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club: Reggata Bar
images: jazz greats
jazz: Real Book TOC
music: Blue Note Records
musician: Christian McBride
musician: Dave Holland
musician: Eric Mingus
musician: Frank Sinatra Discography
musician: Kevin Mahogany
musician: Makoto Ozone
musician: Sinatra Songbook
organization: Lioncolin Center
organization: New England Jazz Alliance
organization: NPR Jazz
organization: WBGO
promo:The Music Company
resource: All About Jazz
resource: JAZZ CORNER (R)
resource: Jazz on
resource: Jazz Review
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Reserch Tool

publication: eLibrary
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