Potential itinerary of baseball road trip 2017

Monday, August 7

Travel: Leave Boston, arrive at Baseball Hall of Fame 3 h 55 min, 239 miles
Activity: Go to National Baseball Hall of Fame (open till 9 pm)

Tuesday, August 8

Travel: Cooperstown NY to Queens area of New York City 3 h 49 min, 197 miles

Game: Watch New York Mets vs Texas Rangers at Citi Field, Queens

Wednesday, August 9

Travel: New York City to Washington D.C. 4 h 3 min, 245 miles
Game: Watch Washington Nationals host Ichiro Suzuki and Miami Marlins at Nationals Park, 7:05 pm

Thursday, August 10

Travel: Washington D.C. to Philadelphia, PA 2 h 43 min, 145 miles
Game: Watch Philadelphia Phillies host New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park, 7:05 pm

Friday, August 11

Travel: Philladelphia to Bronx area of New York City 2 h, 108 miles
Game: Watch Boston Red Sox destroy New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium, 7:05 pm

Saturday, August 12

Travel: Back to Home 3 h 39 min, 203 miles

Trip stats:

6 days, 5 cities
4 games, 4 ball parks
1 AL games, 3 NL games (one inter-league)
3 AL teams (Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox) 4 NL Teams (Nationals, Marlins, Phillies, Metsx2)

Total expected drive:
18 h 09 min, 1,137 miles

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