Scaling Your UX Strategy, and other articles that I liked: Fri, Dec 13

Interesting. As you may or may not know, I work for Harvard Business Review, and love it. It has a lot of interesting contents that is published on our magazine. I’ve been subscribed to email groups and just saw this article “Scaling Your UX Strategy” originally written in January 7, 2013 — almost a year ago — by Robert Fabricant, translated into Japanese and appeared on the listserve. It is a very good overview of how to implement UX in your organization. I almost want to bring this up and say “Practice what you preach!” I have been reading Users not Customers by Aaron Shapiro of Huge Inc, and really really liking it. My job is front-end developer, and not UX designer, but I deeply care about UX, and there are many many things (and some of it simple!) that we could be doing. I hope to implement some of those things.

Many things that I wish I could do, but don’t have time. But I’d like to make it happen!

I’ve been posting links that I liked at Posterous (RIP) and then my tumblr blog. Here are the week worth of links:

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