Random links, mostly web dev articles that I liked: Fri., Dec. 6

It is so interesting — or predictable — that now that the baseball season is over, my interest is all over the place. Mostly web dev stuff as that is all most all what I am doing lately.

Nicolas Gallagher of twitter wrote this almost two years ago. He says many good things and I should re-read it time to time, because everytime I read it, I found something that I didn’t notice before. It is amazing.

SassMe is a great resource for colors, when using color transformation in SASS.

I have to figure out a better way to post those links. I have been using delicious, but they are very unreliable, and I have been trying to use geeklist, but to no avail. I have sort of settled on LinkedIn as my link place and linking ifttt to post it to tumblr. It seems to work. See how it goes…

I’ve been posting links that I liked at Posterous (RIP) and then my tumblr blog. Here are the week worth of links:

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