Game 6, then lost scorebook (my tweets: Oct 27 to Nov 2)


Panorama of the Fenway after the win.

I got to go to Gamer 6 of 2013 World Series. I am forever in debt to my friend David Laurila. As we say in Japan, I will never able to sleep with my foot pointed at his direction (What a strange saying… translation doesn’t do its justice). The same goes to my friend Dan Brooks who gave me a chance to go to game 2 of ALCS. They were both absolutely amazing night at the ball park. I will remember those two games forever.

Anyway, It was just amazing. What a night. What a week. World Series Game 6. First Fenway World Series clinching game in 95 years. Then a parade. All my photos are viewable here.

Then, in the mob of Kenmore Square rush after the Game 6, while rushing to catch the Green Line inbound train, I dropped my scorebook. I am pretty bummed about that. It was a new one for the seaosn. I try to use one up for one season. I kept everygame that I attended this season (maybe about 4 games or so? then 2 games in the playoff.) I also like to keep score when I am watching games on TV, or best ones are when keeping score listening to the radio. I did few games thsi summer while vacaying in the Cape. I also kept score of most of playoff games. I am sure it is gone by now. But it looks like this. In the back, there is a Japanese “Yankees Suck” and under it is my two twitter hadles (one if Japanese @DaigoRedSox and one is my main one @DaigoFuji). It is precious to me. I am now thinking about it, and really bummed about it. Oh, well. Don’t cry over the spilled milk, as they say.


Last view of my scorebook. Sigh.


I’ve been tweeting nonsense since May 19, 2007 (such long time ago, can you believe that?). I put weekly digests of my tweets on this blog, so that I can search for it quicker using my blog’s search function. I tweet awfully a lot about baseball (I am a Red Sox fan, if you didn’t notice), but if you are interested, please follow me at @DaigoFuji. Here are my tweets between Oct 27 and Nov 2:

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