A mess, that is Posting System. (and articles that I liked: Fri., Nov. 15)

Posting system. What. A. Mess.

They were restructuring or revisioning the system, so I heard. Good I thought. The system is terrible. But as it turns out restructuring was all for the benefits of owners of MLB teams. It does not concern or address problems that players like Hiroyuki Nakajima or Hisashi Iwakuma had. Their rights were won, but the team with winning bids — Yankees in 2011 with Nakajima, and Athletics in 2010 with Iwakuma — didn’t negotiate players compensation fairly. After all, Japanese player have no leverage for negotiation once the bidding is over, which I think is the biggest flaw of the system. Japanese Players Association, just reluctantly accepted the deal because they really had no choice. Now, the MLB says the deal may not happen because “When we made that proposal, we told them it was important that they give us a timely response. Unfortunately, they have not been able to do that.”

What a mess. Makes me sick. Japanese baseball is really just becoming the farm system for the MLB. Very sad. Or, from what I can see, at least the people who run it is treating Japanese leagues like one.

Also watched a great video about MLB schedule makers who were recently replaced by computers.


I’ve been posting links that I liked at Posterous (RIP) and then my tumblr blog. Here are the week worth of links:

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