You gotta love Seiji Ozawa in Big Papi jersey (tweets: Oct 20-26)

I Love it.


That’s Seiji Ozawa in Big Papi jersey conducting the brass section of BSO doing brass-off with St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

I still can’t believe that the Red Sox is in the World Series. Almost winning… Just. One. Game. Away.

Before the season, seeing and doing podcast for the 93-loss season, I predicted that they will finish last place again, or 4th place at best. I am wrong, and happy about it.

I been tweeting nonsense since May 19, 2007 (such long time ago, can you believe that?). I put weekly digests of my tweets on this blog, so that I can search for it quicker using my blog’s search function. I tweet awfully a lot about baseball (I am a Red Sox fan, if you didn’t notice), but if you are interested, please follow me at @DaigoFuji. Here are my tweets between Oct 20 and Oct 26:

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