Animated Gifs and really neat online data to svg conversion tool. (Articles that I liked: Fri., Oct. 25)

A coleague told me about a really neat tool that convert data into svg using d3, called RAW by Density Design. It is awesome. You copy and paste excel or tab or comma deliminated data into a text field on the website and you get a beautiful d3 graphics. Format supported are Treemap, Bubble Chart, Aluvial Diagram, Circle Packing, Circular Dendrogram, Dendrogram, and Binned Scatterplot. It can export SVG, PNG (BETA at the moment) and JSON data. Quite amazing.

Also I came across couple of animated gif related site like Zeega where you can combine audio and animated gifs like this, and GIPHY search engine where you can search and find a gif that you once saw and laughed so hard, but never was able to find it again… until now:

One more notable find this week: Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Science had a vert intersting post about “Chart Junk” called What makes a data visualization memorable?. In the similar way, my colleague Scott Berinato (who was the one who told me about RAW above) articulate for me what I’ve always had in back of mind in his article “Visualizing Trouble“. Both very good reads.

I’ve been posting links that I liked at Posterous (RIP) and then my tumblr blog. Here are the week worth of links:

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