Korean-American catcher, Hank Conger (What I tweeted: Week ending May 8th)

This week, the Red Sox had a few heartbreaking losses. Red Sox also played Los Angeles Angels this week, and I got to see Hank Conger, Korean-American catcher for the Angels, play against the Red Sox.

I don’t really care for hockey much, but I love this Bruins commercial.

Here are all my tweets below…

  • Yes. That's trending in the right direction. #RedSox RT @heybarto: @DaigoFuji at least we loss by 7 runs and not 11 #tryingtobepositive #
  • On the bright side, at least this game did not take 7 and half hours to complete. #TryingToBePositive #RedSox #
  • Sigh. It's over. #RedSox did not rally 7 runs in the bottom of 9th. 9-2 Twins. 14-18. Worst record in AL East. #
  • Can the #RedSox rally 7 runs in the bottom of 9th? Why not? Never say never. #
  • Sigh. (Pedroia swings and misses… 2Ks and GIDP today.) #RedSox #
  • Pedorioa has no XBH in last 19 games? He is due! #RedSox #
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia hits ground-rule double and Carl Crawford is now on 3rd. 1-out. No, make that 2-outs. Ellsbury flies out. #RedSox #
  • So bad. So bad. So bad. (I am sorry I can't help but be negative…) #RedSox #
  • Nice play at first by Adrian Gonzalez! Ellsbury had a nice diving catch in the 4th, too. #RedSox #
  • Thanks. Doh (me). RT @NCSox: @DaigoFuji Lowe was on the Dodgers in 2005 #
  • Sorry, try again… Former-#RedSox Derek Lowe is doing what he did for the Sox on *April 27, 2002*, through 6th. http://atmlb.com/l0xV8j #
  • Former-#RedSox Derek Lowe is doing what he did for the Sox on August 31, 2005, through 6th. 1 walk. http://atmlb.com/l0xV8j #
  • *Siiiiiigh* (#RedSox down 6-2, Wakefield pulled top 5th…) #
  • Game over. 11-0 Angels. 14-17 is worst record (tied) in AL East. #RedSox #
  • Adrian Gonzalez is 0-for-4 today and his 11 game hitting streak may be over. Jacoby Ellsbury has 14-game hitting streak going. #RedSox #
  • RT @brianmacp: With Rich Hill out of options, a look at roster logjam #RedSox will face in 15 days http://bit.ly/kcv46E (via @JonCouture) #
  • So, it _WAS_ going to be big showdown between Tsuyoshi Nishioka and Daisuke Matsuzaka at Fenway tomorrow… #RedSox #
  • Looks like no Matsuzaka #RedSox RT @nickcafardo: Alfredo Aceves scratched from his PawSox start. Could be starting for Boston tomorrow. #
  • me three… RT @ryantomorrow: @GordonEdes I too have made an error – watching this game. #
  • Sigh. #RedSox trails 6-0. #
  • I just over herd that Dale Arnold is 0-7 when he fills in for Dave O'Brien on WEEI for #RedSox radio. Is that true? #
  • Yes. MLB, that was epic. Epic loss. #RedSox #
  • I am tired. Sigh. #RedSox #
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka on the mound. 2:30 A.M. #RedSox #
  • Will we see Daisuke Matsuzaka's first relief appearance in MLB? #RedSox #
  • I thought that Youkilis's ball was gone! Instead, Scutaro is out at home. Yikes! #RedSox #
  • Let's do this, Big Papi! #RedSox #
  • If the #RedSox wins tonight, they are back to .500 winning percentage. #
  • Can you believe it? Extra inning! Jacoby Ellsbury delivers with two out in the botton of 9th with full count. I love this game. #RedSox #
  • C'mon, Jacoby!!! #RedSox #
  • "Let's go, Crawford! Let's go, Crawford" chant at Fenway. 1 a.m., bottom 9th, nobody out. 3-1 Angels. #RedSox #
  • Imagine if the #RedSox scored 2 runs in bottom 9 and went into extra innings? Let's hope they score 3. It's 1 A.M. now. #
  • Sweet Caroline at 12:30 A.M. #RedSox #
  • ダン・ウイーラー調子悪いなあ。ブルージェイズから移籍したバーノン・ウエルスに二ランホームランを許し、2−0エンジェルス。7回オモテ。午前0時。 #RedSoxJP #
  • Yes. Looking forward to it! http://iamkoream.com/ Nice follow up post on Choo, too. MT @janglebaby: Hunk Conger is KoreAm's May cover story! #
  • Angles catcher Hank Conger is a third-generation Korean American. His grandfather named him after Hank Aaron. http://bit.ly/mmIoJX #
  • Tim Wakefield is the oldest active player at 44 years 275 days old today. Only older #RedSox player: Deacon McGuire at 44 yr 280 d in 1908 #
  • Watching Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox on MLB.TV. It is a 1-0 game and Twins Francisco Liriano is throwing a no-hitter through 8. #
  • Ex-Yomiuri Giants Hisanori Takahashi vs #RedSox in '11: 4G, 3.1 Inn 6 runs 16.20 ERA. Sox hitting 6-for-14 (492) with 3HR 4BB 4K. #
  • I think I hate the Miami Heat more than the Yankees. I love Red Sox more than the Celtics though. if that makes any sense. #
  • Marco Scutaro goes over the Green Monstah off Takahashi, and it's like yesterday's game. 7-1 #RedSox #
  • David Ortiz hits Hisanori Takahashi's second pitch into right stand. #RedSox goes back-to-back and 5-1 Boston. #
  • Adrian Gonzalez hits a solo home run to right field right after Sweet Caroline! His second of the season. #RedSox leads 4-1 #
  • Sorry, 3-1 #RedSox bottom 7th #
  • Carl Crawford. 3rd straight multi-hit game. He is 6-for-11 (.545) in May. And he scores from first!! 3-1 #RedSox btm 8. #
  • Carl Crawford hits 1,500th career hit. He is 5-for-9 in May, so far. #RedSox #
  • Shin Soo Choo is the 6th MLB player with DUI charges in 2011. Others: Derek Lowe, Coco Crisp, Miguel Cabrera, Adam Kennedy & Austin Kearns #
  • Heard on @GlobeMazz's Baseball Reporter show: Since beginning of 2010 season, #RedSox are 14-1 vs Angels, but 88-87 vs the rest. #
  • Dustin Pedroia's epic at bat from last night is being replayed on NESN right now, if you are near TV. #RedSox #
  • My teenage dream concert 20+ years ago! RT @PeteAbe: Metallica is playing Yankee Stadium on Sept. 14 with Slayer, Megadeath and Anthrax. #
  • Oh, no. Indians OF Shin-Soo Choo arrested Monday in Ohio, charged with DUI… Not good. http://es.pn/m0siui #

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