Korean-American catcher, Hank Conger (What I tweeted: Week ending May 8th)

This week, the Red Sox had a few heartbreaking losses. Red Sox also played Los Angeles Angels this week, and I got to see Hank Conger, Korean-American catcher for the Angels, play against the Red Sox.

Conger is a third-generation Korean American, and both of his parents are of Korean descent. His father took the surname Conger when he was adopted by his American uncle at the age of six. Hank’s name was chosen by his grandfather Adrian Conger, who hoped that the boy would take after the legendary batter Hank Aaron.

First playing baseball at age nine, Conger quickly showed talent and went on to play for the U.S. youth baseball team while attending Huntington Beach High School in Huntington Beach, California. After graduating from high school, he was picked in the first round of the 2006 draft by the Angels. Standing 185cm tall and weighing 100kg, he is a versatile switch hitter.

I don’t really care for hockey much, but I love this Bruins commercial.

Here are all my tweets below…

  • Yes. That's trending in the right direction. #RedSox RT @heybarto: @DaigoFuji at least we loss by 7 runs and not 11 #tryingtobepositive #
  • On the bright side, at least this game did not take 7 and half hours to complete. #TryingToBePositive #RedSox #
  • Sigh. It's over. #RedSox did not rally 7 runs in the bottom of 9th. 9-2 Twins. 14-18. Worst record in AL East. #
  • Can the #RedSox rally 7 runs in the bottom of 9th? Why not? Never say never. #
  • Sigh. (Pedroia swings and misses… 2Ks and GIDP today.) #RedSox #
  • Pedorioa has no XBH in last 19 games? He is due! #RedSox #
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia hits ground-rule double and Carl Crawford is now on 3rd. 1-out. No, make that 2-outs. Ellsbury flies out. #RedSox #
  • So bad. So bad. So bad. (I am sorry I can't help but be negative…) #RedSox #
  • Nice play at first by Adrian Gonzalez! Ellsbury had a nice diving catch in the 4th, too. #RedSox #
  • Thanks. Doh (me). RT @NCSox: @DaigoFuji Lowe was on the Dodgers in 2005 #
  • Sorry, try again… Former-#RedSox Derek Lowe is doing what he did for the Sox on *April 27, 2002*, through 6th. http://atmlb.com/l0xV8j #
  • Former-#RedSox Derek Lowe is doing what he did for the Sox on August 31, 2005, through 6th. 1 walk. http://atmlb.com/l0xV8j #
  • *Siiiiiigh* (#RedSox down 6-2, Wakefield pulled top 5th…) #
  • Game over. 11-0 Angels. 14-17 is worst record (tied) in AL East. #RedSox #
  • Adrian Gonzalez is 0-for-4 today and his 11 game hitting streak may be over. Jacoby Ellsbury has 14-game hitting streak going. #RedSox #
  • RT @brianmacp: With Rich Hill out of options, a look at roster logjam #RedSox will face in 15 days http://bit.ly/kcv46E (via @JonCouture) #
  • So, it _WAS_ going to be big showdown between Tsuyoshi Nishioka and Daisuke Matsuzaka at Fenway tomorrow… #RedSox #
  • Looks like no Matsuzaka #RedSox RT @nickcafardo: Alfredo Aceves scratched from his PawSox start. Could be starting for Boston tomorrow. #
  • me three… RT @ryantomorrow: @GordonEdes I too have made an error – watching this game. #
  • Sigh. #RedSox trails 6-0. #
  • I just over herd that Dale Arnold is 0-7 when he fills in for Dave O'Brien on WEEI for #RedSox radio. Is that true? #
  • Yes. MLB, that was epic. Epic loss. #RedSox #
  • I am tired. Sigh. #RedSox #
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka on the mound. 2:30 A.M. #RedSox #
  • Will we see Daisuke Matsuzaka's first relief appearance in MLB? #RedSox #
  • I thought that Youkilis's ball was gone! Instead, Scutaro is out at home. Yikes! #RedSox #
  • Let's do this, Big Papi! #RedSox #
  • If the #RedSox wins tonight, they are back to .500 winning percentage. #
  • Can you believe it? Extra inning! Jacoby Ellsbury delivers with two out in the botton of 9th with full count. I love this game. #RedSox #
  • C'mon, Jacoby!!! #RedSox #
  • "Let's go, Crawford! Let's go, Crawford" chant at Fenway. 1 a.m., bottom 9th, nobody out. 3-1 Angels. #RedSox #
  • Imagine if the #RedSox scored 2 runs in bottom 9 and went into extra innings? Let's hope they score 3. It's 1 A.M. now. #
  • Sweet Caroline at 12:30 A.M. #RedSox #
  • ダン・ウイーラー調子悪いなあ。ブルージェイズから移籍したバーノン・ウエルスに二ランホームランを許し、2−0エンジェルス。7回オモテ。午前0時。 #RedSoxJP #
  • Yes. Looking forward to it! http://iamkoream.com/ Nice follow up post on Choo, too. MT @janglebaby: Hunk Conger is KoreAm's May cover story! #
  • Angles catcher Hank Conger is a third-generation Korean American. His grandfather named him after Hank Aaron. http://bit.ly/mmIoJX #
  • Tim Wakefield is the oldest active player at 44 years 275 days old today. Only older #RedSox player: Deacon McGuire at 44 yr 280 d in 1908 #
  • Watching Minnesota Twins vs Chicago White Sox on MLB.TV. It is a 1-0 game and Twins Francisco Liriano is throwing a no-hitter through 8. #
  • Ex-Yomiuri Giants Hisanori Takahashi vs #RedSox in '11: 4G, 3.1 Inn 6 runs 16.20 ERA. Sox hitting 6-for-14 (492) with 3HR 4BB 4K. #
  • I think I hate the Miami Heat more than the Yankees. I love Red Sox more than the Celtics though. if that makes any sense. #
  • Marco Scutaro goes over the Green Monstah off Takahashi, and it's like yesterday's game. 7-1 #RedSox #
  • David Ortiz hits Hisanori Takahashi's second pitch into right stand. #RedSox goes back-to-back and 5-1 Boston. #
  • Adrian Gonzalez hits a solo home run to right field right after Sweet Caroline! His second of the season. #RedSox leads 4-1 #
  • Sorry, 3-1 #RedSox bottom 7th #
  • Carl Crawford. 3rd straight multi-hit game. He is 6-for-11 (.545) in May. And he scores from first!! 3-1 #RedSox btm 8. #
  • Carl Crawford hits 1,500th career hit. He is 5-for-9 in May, so far. #RedSox #
  • Shin Soo Choo is the 6th MLB player with DUI charges in 2011. Others: Derek Lowe, Coco Crisp, Miguel Cabrera, Adam Kennedy & Austin Kearns #
  • Heard on @GlobeMazz's Baseball Reporter show: Since beginning of 2010 season, #RedSox are 14-1 vs Angels, but 88-87 vs the rest. #
  • Dustin Pedroia's epic at bat from last night is being replayed on NESN right now, if you are near TV. #RedSox #
  • My teenage dream concert 20+ years ago! RT @PeteAbe: Metallica is playing Yankee Stadium on Sept. 14 with Slayer, Megadeath and Anthrax. #
  • Oh, no. Indians OF Shin-Soo Choo arrested Monday in Ohio, charged with DUI… Not good. http://es.pn/m0siui #

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