Memo: Ubuntu stuff

My linux box has not been touched in a while. I used to use it as my mail server and web server, but now it is a sort of backup, secondary file server.
But, occasionally, I need to do some maintenance, so here is some useful note (for myself and myself only, so don’t think it will help anyone else…)

The version I have is Ubuntu 8.04.1 Hardy Heron.
I am using for free dynamic DNS service.

Smart update via command line is done like this:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Being cheap doesn’t always save money

Grey strip for Monitor test- if your monitor is calibrated, you should to be able to distinguish all 20 grays. I can't.

I bought Dell ST2310 23 Inch Full HD Widescreen Monitor for $169.00. It is a pretty good monitor and I have to say I got a great deal on it (Market value is supposedly $229.99). But, I am not happy with it. No matter how I set my color/balance and calibration (from System Preferences -> Displays -> Color), I’d lose some color details. When I do PhotoShop work on this monitor (and I did spend fortune buying my MacPro, and Adobe CS…) and looking at the image with my other computers or computer at work, the is always slightly off, such as losing detail or washed out or dark is too dark too quickly (therefore can’t see the subtle color changes), or worse, I thought I was fading it to white but it was actually not white so the extended background have white box and looks really bad… This has been bothering me for a while now, and more I spend time with this new monitor, I notice little things, like white color text on black background is very hard to read on this monitor etc. This and especially the latest trends in web design is very subtle drop shadow and patterns or gradients that you may or may not notice at a glance.

Sure I would love to have bought Apple LED Cinema Display (24″ flat panel). While I can’t spend $900 on a monitor, me totally going opposite by going waaay cheap, and buying cheapest possible monitor was a stupid move. In Japanese, Yasumono Gai No Zeni Unshinai (Buyer of cheap things, loser of money) or in English, penny wise and pound foolish. Yep, that is me.

So, to compensate for this my self invited bad situation, I am struggling to try to improve accuracy of the monitor. Here are some of the links that I found (sort of) useful.

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