How to stop iPhone’s music from shuffling


Am I inadequate? (OK, don’t answer that question.) But about a week now, my iPhone was set to shuffle all its music — including audio books(!) — and I just couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to fix it. I didn’t know how I even turned on this shuffle to be on? It was absolutely driving me insane. I looked everywhere like “Settings” and wasn’t able to find the way to turn it off… But my colleague, Tom, who saw me pulling my hair out, solved it in a second. It was, as they say, “right under my nose” that I totally missed it.
Problem was that the panel that contains play-head, shuffle, repeat and genius icons are turned off or hidden, to display the album cover like this:

All I had to do was this

  1. open Music on my iPhone
  2. play something
  3. go to “Now Playing”
  4. and touch the album cover

to make that hidden panel appear. It like this:

and un-check the shuffle sign (the two arrows crossing on the right side of Genius icon). But I totally missed that I need to tap on the album cover... I was expecting some kind of button, or some fancy tab or something to make that appear…

Anyway, I also think turning the “shuffle” had to do something with the new “Shake to Shuffle” feature, which is “ON” by default. Annoying part of it is that after you shake the iPhone, the “Shuffle Songs” option will be turned on, whether you like it or not. I must have accidentally shook the iPhone to trigger this and was stuck with the shuffle….

To turn that feature off, go to “Settings” of the iPhone and select iPod from there, then chenge the slider to OFF on “Shake to Shuffle.” Now I can listen to audio books in the order of the chapters. Sheesh.

BTW, the image is Dan Reeder’s new album. I absolutely love his first two albums, I think the “Sweetheart” is a masterpiece, and this one is growing on me, too.

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  1. JustToSayThanks

    Just hadta say thanks a bunch! Was THIS close to punching my phone in the nuts.

  2. Thank you so much for the ease and simplicity of your explanation. I have been stuck in “shuffle” hell! :)

  3. does anyone know what to do if they do not have the crossed arrows on their screen like you pictured above, but MY IPHONE IS STILL STUCK ON SHUFFLE?! the “shake to shuffle” feature is not active. and there are NO crossed arrows when i go to the song that is “now playing.” yet, i am still shuffling away over here, and it is driving me mad.
    any help is much appreciated.

  4. just an update – I FOUND THE PROBLEM! for me, in order to see the crossed arrows i had to go to the “now playing” song THEN tap once on the album art. then i was able to de-activate the crossed arrows. i must be way to reliant on my iphone for entertainment bc i feel giddy like a kid since fixing this. :) hope this may help anyone who is stuck in iphone shuffle-hell.

  5. Thanks, I also was stuck on shuffle. Strange that you can’t toggle shuffle on the song list page even though the shuffle icon is right there.

  6. I also could NOT figure this out, am not a tech person at all, and am way excited to have things go in order again- and I turned off the ‘shake to shuffle’ feature too, thanks to you. I think that’s also what had happened to me. Thanks so much!

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU for providing the only explanation I could understand – now I can listen to my music in order

  8. THANK YOU for getting me out of shuffle HELL!!!! Gotta love this new technology …… most of the time

  9. Thank you so much for this. My iPhone 4S recently starting shuffling all my songs and I couldn’t work out why or how to get back to the original album order. Thank you again for this :-)

  10. Most of the time apple is brilliant. But, sometimes, like with this shuffle feature, I feel like I am in an ancient pyramid trying to figure out what bricks to push and in what order to push them to get the wall to open to find my treasure… A complete guessing game that it should not be. The repeat and shuffle buttons should be readily available on several screens. Thanks for this much needed post.

  11. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I was going crazy with my music shuffling hither and yon. Your explanation is the best I’ve found on the net!

  12. Thank you a million times. After a routine sync and then going into iphone 4 player tolisten to my music on my headphones my phone had suddenly gone crazy shuffling music and I was ready to smash it after realising I could turn of the shuffle in the iTunes programme on my computer by deactivating the shuffle icon on the screen player but not on the phone itself. Absolute madness! I have now also turned off the shake setting.

  13. Thank you so much. This has really been very annoying and I’m very pleased that someone has told me how to switch it off!! Now I can listen to a playlist how I want to and not how the ipod wants me to hear it! Thanks

  14. Omigosh, you are a lifesaver. I’ve been wondering why the heck my phone was shuffling, and I finally decided to search it on google…and then you show up with this awesomely simple solution! Thanks so much!

  15. ThankyaJesus! Seriously, I no longer want to throw this thing against the wall. Many thanks!

  16. Fantastic , Ive put up with this for twelve months now its fixed , I wonder about apple sometimes, I wonder if it will be turned on again after the next update!!!

  17. Unfortunately it does not work with the last Music app loaded with the most recent IOS update

  18. Thank u so much idk why this happens. Why does Apple even put shuffle on their products shuffle is stupid

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