Twitter log for week of Feb. 21

Twitter… Calm before baseball season. I can’t wait to do the in-game tweet, which I feel the best part of the twitter. One more week before the exhibition games start.
This week, I tweeted about some Olympic stuff and some such.

  • Nikkan Sports reporting Hideki Okajima w/tightness on his left leg, took it easy today. Does not sound serious. #RedSox #
  • More info: "Boston Sports Blogapalooza" on Sun. March 28, at Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill 72 Brookline Ave. Boston #
  • "Boston Sports Blogapalooza" sounds interesting. Waiting for more info, but I may go as part of SABR website or myself. #
  • Scott Atchison was very successful in Japan (1.70ERA 30hold). But back to US for his daughter's medical issues #RedSox #
  • Here are the Pitchers and Catchers photos! Slimmer Daisuke Matsuzaka and bulked-up Clay Buchholz, among others. #RedSox #
  • Japan only have 3 medals so far. Speed Skate 500m silver (Keiichiro Nagashima) & bronze (Joji Kato), and Daisuke Takahashi. No gold. #
  • Daisuke Takahashi won bronze. He is the first Japanese man to win a figure skating medal at the #Olympic Games. #
  • @mochan64 @Eukadanz Too bad… medal still a possibility w/2 more performance left… in reply to mochan64 #
  • Ouch. #
  • Japan's legit chance for first Olympic gold now: Daisuke Takahashi for figure skating. Can he catch Evan Lysacek and Evgeni Plushenko? #
  • Watching #Olympic men's figure skate, having Nuke LaLoosh moment. "…That don't make me queer, right? Right." #fb #
  • Japanese figure skater Nobunari Oda is an actual descendant of Nobunaga Oda, 16th Century Samurai warlord, of "Nobunaga's Ambition" game. #
  • Registration for Yankees/Dodgers games and Monster seats drawing started today. Don't know I can spend more $. #RedSox #
  • Faces of America With Henry Louis Gates Jr on PBS. Awesome. America really is a amazing, great country w/so many different background. #fb #
  • RE:Matsuzaka. From what I can gather, he has back tightness and taking it easy. May start throwing Sun. 2/21. Lifted weight today. #redsox #
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka has something to prove, worked hard, and now it's just a matter of doing it on the field #RedSox #
  • @Soxy_T Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Wang's base running injury in 2008. I now have two more players that I can root for, him and Matsui. in reply to Soxy_T #
  • Sounds like Taiwanese RHP Chien-Ming Wang to Nationals is done. $2m + $3m incentives. @PeteAbe was right a week ago! #
  • Happy Fat Tuesday. Giving up drinking for the lent, so don't make fun if you catch me ordering O'Douls at a bar next 40 days. #fb #

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