Best iPhone App ever, if you commute by Bus in Boston – Open MBTA

Amazing. Recently, I wrote about how I was disappointed that I paid $0.99 for an app called Catch The Bus. That paid application only supports 5 MBTA bus lines. (See update below) On that post, I got a comment that said “Hey Check out OpenMBTA mobile website.” The website was awesome. Once you get used to the very plain simplistic design, the functionality was all there. It was very cool mobile website. I even had it added to my Home Screen,

And today, I just realized that Open MBTA has an iPhone App version out! It is an open source project and is free. As in free speech AND free beer. It is friggin’ awesome. If you commute using public transportation in Boston, you GOTTA download this app. It is so cool and I am really grateful for the developers who spend time developing this stuff – Thanks Dan!. You have created arguably the most usable app that I have on my iPhone.

UPDATE: Now that the MBTA is releasing data feeds for all the routes, and Catch the Bus is actually a very good application. Definitely worth 99 cents since I am riding 70 bus sometimes. I use them both Catch the Bus and Open MBTA now, as well as iOS Google Map’s “public transportation” direction option (which gives you quickest way to get somewhere using subway/bus schedule). Additionally, Andrew Phelps of WBUR reviewed BUNCH more apps, which I found very useful, and he concludes that Pocket MBTA (iTunes) is his favorite. And there are web based app like TrackTheT, Google Map mashup, JustHopOn, or NextBus are all free.

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  1. You should really try Does everything and even predicts how long you should wait for the bus based on your distance from the stop. Pretty nice when you have a lot of options in the morning commute.

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